Untitled, Clown Series


Color photograph, diptych

182.4 x 115.8 cm (71 13/16 x 45 9/16 in.) (each)

Cindy Sherman's Clown Series diptych features exuberant colours, costumes and props. It combines the seductive power of the image with a weird sense of unreality. The life-size photographs have a fascinating yet unsettling psychedelic palette and an overabundance of artifices.

As in her other work, the Clown Series consists of self-portraits of the artist in disguise wearing sometimes-heavy make-up, referring to archetypes in American society. The clown, associated with childhood and fun but also monstrosity, epitomises Sherman's identity games. Here, she is unrecognisable behind dripping make-up.

The Untitled photographs from Cindy Sherman’s Clown Series were shown for the first time by the Pinault Collection at the Tri Postal in Lille during the 2008 exhibition “Passage du temps” (“Passage of Time”).