Dye sublimation metal print

116.8 x 99.1 cm (46 x 39 in.)

The woman in the large photograph Untitled #574 wears a flapper hat, elbow-length gloves, a satin dress and a fur boa, evoking the old-fashioned charm of 1920s style. Her frozen pose and coded, almost outdated gestures meets the standards found in portraits of film stars.

As usual, photographer Cindy Sherman stages herself in a skilfully composed portrait imitating an old fashion or movie photograph. This belongs to a series of portraits with a common aesthetic depicting flappers, young American women who in the 1920s broke free from social norms by creating their own dress and behavioural codes.

Untitled #574 was first presented by the Pinault Collection at the 2018 "Dancing with Myself" show at the Punta della Dogana in Venice.