Color photograph

172.7 x 254 cm (68 x 100 in.)

A woman from the 1930s, superbly dressed with a thin dress belted at the hips and wearing glittering pearl bracelets, stands out against an apocalyptic sky. The lower part of her body disappears into the stormy landscape and her open hands seem to be the source of the storm, with swirling black clouds seemingly oozing out of them.

Expressing the pretence of femininity and its fetishist corollaries in sophisticated photographs featuring herself as model, Cindy Sherman enhances the constructed character of identity in an oeuvre that is in some ways autobiographical. In Untitled, 2010-2012, she superimposes her image—dressed in Chanel—to that of the 2010 Icelandic volcano eruption, which has been altered in a manner reminiscent of Turner's skies.

Part of the 2010-2011 series, Cindy Sherman's photograph Untitled, 2010-2012 was first presented by the Pinault Collection in the exhibition Dancing With Myself at the Museum Folkwang in Essen (2016).