Seventeen (Titre journalistique)


Glycerophtalic paint and photographic collage on panel, glitter, feathers, glass, painted wood, powder puff

183 x 132.2 x 6 cm

A photographic icon whose paint make-up is enhanced with sequins and feathers, Seventeen (titre journalistique) (journalistic title) transforms beauty into a morbid spectacle. A painting within the painting, the eye framed and filled with a bright green is disturbing, as if denatured. A powder puff next to the two-tone mouth, iconic red and severe black, confirms that make-up is the key theme of this work, which has a striking visual impact.

At first glance, Seventeen (titre journalistique) seems to celebrate the femininity praised by magazines, but Raysse exaggerates the use make-up, which loses its power of beautification here. On the contrary, it looks like a wound printed on the skin, attesting to his ambivalent feelings about consumerism in modern society.

A powerful example of Raysse's indictment of artificiality, Seventeen (titre journalistique) is in the Pinault Collection. It was first exhibited at the "Sequence 1" show in 2007 at the Palazzo Grassi.