Tempera and collage on photograph mounted on canvas

30 x 22 cm

A photographed and fragmented face is reduced to its most basic features - eyes, nose, mouth - highlighted in yellow, green and orange. A fringe of hair characteristic of the iconic 1960s woman is extracted from this clinical examination and sets the scene. This is the heart of the Sixties: 1965, to be exact.

Fascinated by the figure of the modern woman in make-up, Martial Raysse dissects and colours the iconic face to better examine its details. Through the filter of kitsch, the classic genre of portraiture is re-interpreted and shows a half-provocative, half-enigmatic woman offering an opportunity to reflect on artificiality and transvestism.

A work that culminated years of exploring Martial Raysse's female stereotype, Mille-neuf-cent-soixante-cinq (1965) is in the Pinault Collection. It was first exhibited at the "Sequence 1" show in 2007 at the Palazzo Grassi.