Sans titre


Montage, mirrors,

11.4 x 21.3 x 4.7 cm

This assemblage displays a symmetrical composition in a plastic showcase. The mirror effect plays out around a lorgnette and a pincushion surrounded by two spools of thread. Putting these ordinary items under glass stems from the immediacy of their uselessness and the sanitisation of what is intended to be used, damaged or even broken.

"I use manufactured products because I am a doctor of materials and all current art speculates on the instinct of conservation, the tenderness of rotting cells. Only the new, the hygienic, the stainless is sanitised," says Raysse. His favourite materials are new objects, which he assembles in boxes, Plexiglas columns or exhibits based on the enticing model of shop displays.

This untitled sculpture, which brilliantly embodies Raysse's rejection of deterioration, was shown for the first time by the Pinault Collection at the major retrospective exhibition devoted to the artist at the Palazzo Grassi in 2015.