Verte pour toujours


Paint, xerography on canvas, velvet, wood, plastic pearls

62 x 33 cm (24 7/16 x 13 in.)

The outlines of a slender face stand out amidst bright colours. The relief of the eyes, nose and mouth have become shadowy projections giving way to a beautiful, flawless, evenly pink surface. Colour is everywhere in Verte pour toujours (Green Forever), where a plastic bead necklace frames a pink, green, red, blue and black collage.

Martial Raysse manipulated photographs of women before turning to “great” paintings of female beauty. He turned young, sensual faces into the protagonists of colourful worlds influenced by American Pop Art. Women become objects camouflaged by paint and accessories as well as a critical symbol of the alienating function of make-up.

Raysse's collage Verte pour toujours (Green Forever) was presented for the first time by the Pinault Collection at the major retrospective exhibition devoted to the artist at the Palazzo Grassi in 2015.