A mouse plays the violin, another stands by its tail, a rabbit basks on a construction in the shape of a letter A, a tiny office chair carries an egg. These are some of the sculptures by Urs Fischer produced and presented in 2007, during the exhibition "Sequence 1" at the Palazzo Grassi.

Made from plaster, molten nickel and coated with oil paint, these works attest to the comic and surrealist world of the Swiss artist. Here we find the office armchair, a recurring element in the works of Fischer for whom everyday objects and furniture in his workshop are inexhaustible materials for creation.

From the start of his career, Fischer has created a heterogeneous universe of objects, characters and atmospheres, all imbued with the same sense of absurdity and the same irony. By using materials in a daring way, the artist overturns our usual ways of thinking about space and our traditional approach to things. Fischer's world is colorful and unpredictable.