Oil and enamel on canvas

241 x 193 x 5 cm

Dressing the wall space with bright colour and golden hues, the Untitled paintings of Rudolf Stingel recall luxurious eastern ornaments with their damask motifs. Both monumental and decorative, striking and discreet, this pair of works transforms the perception of the place where it is displayed.

In these sumptuously rendered paintings, the Italian artist plays with pattern and blurs the boundaries between art work and decorative object. He references eastern traditions and rococo style with the exuberance of his ornamentation. To do this, he uses a highly realistic virtuoso pictorial technique, which goes so far as to reproduce the effects of wear and creasing on fabric.

The diptych Untitled was first shown by the Collection in 2011 at the "Le Monde vous appartient" (“The World Belongs to You”) exhibition at the Palazzo Grassi.