No Title


Graphite on paper

8.5 x 7 cm

No Title’s only recognisable motif is a curved pipe diagonally filling the space of the sheet. The rest of the drawing is saturated with black pencil strokes forming two thick triangles that frame and emphasise the tool’s dynamics.

A refined graphic composition and realistic rendering of volume give this two-dimensional work a sculptural quality. It belongs to a series of drawings Lee Lozano made in the 1960s with tools or tool parts as their motifs. Around 1964-1965, the motifs changed drastically to become, as in this example, detailed, hyper-realistic close-ups of drill bits, metal drills and rubber hoses.

This work is in the Pinault Collection along with similar drawings by the artist. It was presented at the Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana during the 2009 group show "Mapping the Studio".