No title

circa 1962-1963

As a subversive artist and central figure of the New York art scene between 1960 and 1970, Lee Lozano's motto was: "seek the extreme, that's where you'll find the action". 

For No title circa 1962-1963, Lee Lozano uses a toilet lid as a support for his painting. It was probably found during the artist's excursions to the flea and second-hand markets on Canal Street in New York. It shows a smiling mouth with a cigar in place of a tooth (the other canine tooth is sharpened like a vampire's), fitting the work in the series of toothless smiles produced in the early 1960s. His body of work bears witness to this approach and consists of drawings and paintings covered with bodily details (breasts, mouths, vulva) mixed with objects whose sexual potential is largely explicit (cigars, scissors, light bulbs). The colors are garish and the raw, aggressive compositions are reminiscent of the comic books that the artist loves.

The work No title circa 1962-1963 was first exhibited by Pinault Collection in 2009-2011 at Punta della Dogana during the exhibition "Mapping the studio: Artists from the François Pinault Collection".