Cibachrome mounted on aluminium, 1/2" Plywood

47.6 x 29.5 cm

Louise Lawler frames this photograph on a hoof and its shoe, partially covered by a white veil which at first sight seems to be a fabric modestly covering the animal. But the series of windows stretching as far as the eye can see recalls the true nature of this morbid installation, one of Damien Hirst's major works. The veil then becomes plastic packaging again, simply protecting a work during handling.

A photograph taken in 2006, Hoof immortalised a half-shown part of a sculpture by Hirst during his installation for the "Where Are We Going?" show at the Palazzo Grassi. By capturing the process of setting up this artistic event, Lawler suggests the production of meaning in the relationship between the work, its hanging and its exhibition context.

Louise Lawler's Hoof, a relevant perspective on the workings of modern artistic institutions, is in the Pinault Collection. It was first exhibited in 2007 during the "Sequence 1" show at the Palazzo Grassi.