Not the way you remembered (Venice)


Louise Lawler produced Not the way you remembered (Venice) for the "Sequence 1" exhibition held at Palazzo Grassi in 2007. Consisting of several photographs, this series was produced in situ, during the installation process of the exhibition, showing the works of art in their transport crates.

Louise Lawler explores the relationship between the artwork and its exhibition space as well as the economic and social dynamics that influence the movement of the works, from the moment they leave the studio. Photographing works of art in their exhibition context (museums, galleries, collections, auction rooms, storerooms), she questions the conditions of their display and circulation. Her photographs play on the added value of montage, framing, reproduction rights and the notion of ownership. The lens of her camera focuses on the "reception of works of art", both physical and intellectual, while confronting them with their economy, the desire they generate, the prestige, the power they seem to give to their buyers. 

Louise Lawler's work was presented for the first time by Pinault Collection in 2007 at the "Sequence 1" exhibition at Palazzo Grassi.