Paper-mâché, gauze, metal, dispersion paint, 14 acrylic glass vitrine

Variable dimensions

A jumble of miniature worlds, Almanach is made up of fourteen plexiglass display cases containing biomorphic sculptures mixing papier-mâché and compresses painted on a metal frame. The scale relationship that emerges from the interaction between paper figures and constructions evokes the origin of these works, some of the most famous commissions Franz West has received for outdoor pieces. Almanach presented his 2004 project for Lincoln Center in New York.

This group of studies featuring pictures from magazines recalls the collages and works on paper characteristic of West's artistic beginnings. It also shows how he used his more "traditional" sculptures to create monumental works where people can sit or lie down.

One of West’s signature works, Almanach is in the Pinault Collection. It was first exhibited in the "Sequence 1" show in 2007 at the Palazzo Grassi.