Very Hungry God


Stainless steel structure covered with polished steel and inox kitchen ustensils About 3 000 kitchen ustensils, diverse elements, 2 stainless steel tubes and 3 distribution plates

390 × 320 × 400 cm (153 9/16 × 126 × 157 1/2 in.)

A huge, glittering human skull, Very Hungry God is an optical game that requires a closer look. At first glance, this is a metal skull with countless rough edges. But the sculpture was actually formed by the painstaking assembly of 3,000 stainless steel kitchen utensils.

Dazzling for its scale and brilliant materiality, chilling for its obvious memento mori nature, Very Hungry God is a work of paradoxes that renews the genre of still life. It is a powerful part of Subodh Gupta's committed art, which seeks to express the tensions specific to contemporary India by accentuating everyday objects.

A signature work by Subodh Gupta, Very Hungry God is in the Pinault Collection. The piece was first exhibited in 2007 at the "Sequence 1" show, when it was presented on the Grand Canal, in front of the Palazzo Grassi.