The Way Home I


Aluminium kitchen ustensils, fiberglass lotus, silver adhesive film

500 x 700 cm (196 7/8 x 275 9/16 in.)

Between 1998 and 1999, Indian artist Subodh Gupta made The Way Home I by assembling stainless steel kitchen utensils inside a circle of silver adhesive film surrounding a lotus flower. The sculpture tenderly expresses the close ties between cooking and daily spiritual life in Indian culture.

It is characteristic of work by Subodh Gupta, who uses everyday objects of modern India to make sculptures reflecting the social and economic transformations changing his country. In this sculpture, a lotus flower, a sacred object and symbol of India, is surrounded by a shimmering mandala, representing the Universe in Hindu and Buddhist mythology and encouraging us to meditate.

Gupta's sculpture The Way Home I, which is in the Pinault Collection, was presented during the 2009 exhibition "Un certain état du monde ?" (“A Certain State of the World?”) at the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow.