The Last Supper


Black and white gelatin-silver prints

Four panels: 118.1 x 149.3 cm (46 1/2 x 58 13/16 in.) (each) Center panel: 118.1 x 109.2 cm (46 1/2 x 43 in.)

The Last Supper reproduces Leonardo da Vinci's fresco in striking chiaroscuro. The Japanese artist uses wax mannequins to depict Christ and the apostles. Hiroshi Sugimoto's sober, amazingly realistic, extremely meticulous photographs almost look alive.

Here he explores here the concepts of light, space and time by questioning the legacy of classical painting. The work is based on Leonardo's legendary fresco The Last Supper, which was restored many times due to its fragility. The photographed mannequins prompt the viewer to deeply reflect on time and art history.

It was presented for the first time by the Pinault Collection during the 2007 “Passage du temps” (“Passage of Time”) show at the Tri Postal in Lille.