Pine Tree Landscape


12 black and white photographs

Pine Tree Landscape I: 182.4 x 754.38 cm (71 13/16 x 297 in.) Pine Tree Landscape II: 182.4 x 754.38 cm (71 13/16 x 297 in.)

The Pine tree landscape diptych requires to be contemplated at length in order to appreciate all its details. Hiroshi Sugimoto's photograph celebrates the majesty of nature by unveiling its timeless beauty. The motif of the forest, sober and somber, is inspired by a series of panels by Hasegama Tohaku, a Song dynasty painter from the 1950s. Hiroshi Sugimoto thus creates a dialogue with tradition by situating his photographic oeuvre within the history of classical art.

Pine tree landscape is a montage of several photographs of trees assembled by Sugimoto to compose his own forest. The Japanese artist's meticulous work and pictorial rendering invite the viewer to meditate on time and history.

Hiroshi Sugimoto's photograph Pine tree landscape was first shown by the Pinault Collection in the exhibition The Passage of Time at the Tri Postal in Lille, in 2007-2008.