Filtro e rete


Overlapping metallic nets, iron frame

99.5 × 120.5 × 3 cm (39 3/16 × 47 7/16 × 1 3/16 in.)

The filters, which result from the juxtaposition of several half-transparent surfaces, fuse with the surrounding environment. The canvas is replaced by several layers of metal wire mesh. Two of these nets are fixed on a rectangular frame. In between, other nets, these ones square, are superimposed. Their format is gradually reduced down to the smallest, central square, which has a tighter and denser pattern that makes it look darker. According to the artist, this work is halfway “between the theoretical space and the real space”. It is about “a situation of chromo-energetic absorption” created by adding surfaces that have a low light absorption coefficient, which “determines a dynamic of chromatic intensity that is inversely proportional to the additional action of the filters”.

Filtro e Rete was first shown by the Pinault Collection in 2006 at the Where Are We Going? exhibition at Palazzo Grassi, in Venice.
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