The Collector with Friend



Overall dimensions: 206.7 × 183 × 113 cm (81 3/8 × 72 1/16 × 44 1/2 in.)

The ancient bronze sculpture salvaged from the depths of the sea only looks old: the man is none other than Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse’s hand. This work is based on Blaine Gibson’s sculpture Partners installed in Disney parks. The man's smile, originally an expression of contentment at his park’s success, has become ruthless, while coral swallows the two beings.

The Collector with Friend subverts the well-known image of Mickey and his creator by giving him a completely different past. Made by Damien Hirst for the 2017 exhibition "Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable", it was supposedly found in an ancient shipwreck. The hoax comes to light at the sight of the famous big-eared character.

Hirst’s The Collector with Friend was a major piece in this notable show, where it was exhibited for the first time. It is now in the Pinault Collection.
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