Oil on canvas, triptych

228.6 x 152.4 cm (90 x 60 in.) (each)

On a large triptych, a scene with sinister details unfolds before the viewer’s eyes. Black crows cross a red-walled room. Translucent skeletons are in the background. Citrus fruits and a knife are on folding chairs. Pills are strewn on the floor next to a pack of cigarettes and a glass of wine. The painting’s central element is an animal skull with a piercing red sun, floating like an evil spirit.

True to his usual themes, Damien Hirst shares his vision of life, death, religion and art in a triptych recalling Francis Bacon’s work. Insomnia (2009) features elements that disrupt his quiet nights: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or possibly grief.

Hirst's painting, which is part of the Pinault Collection, was presented in 2014 at the "Art Lovers" exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco.
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