Balloon Dog (Magenta)


High-chromium stainless steel with transparent colored coating

Overall dimensions: 307.5 x 366 x 114.5 cm

A staple of fairs and birthday parties, the inflatable balloon dog acquires with Jeff Koons a monumental character. Its mirror-polished stainless steel surface finished with a translucent, colorful coating reflects its surroundings. “Polishing the metal lent it a desirous surface, but also one that gave affirmation to the viewer,” said the artist.

The Balloon Dog (Magenta) sculpture is part of the Celebration series started in 1993. By giving grandeur and durability to a small, usually short-lived object, the American artist immortalizes a festive moment of popular culture and celebrates the carelessness of youth.

Balloon Dog (Magenta) has accompanied major events at the Pinault Collection, in particular the first exhibition at Palazzo Grassi, Where Are We Going?, in 2006. This iconic Jeff Koons artwork has also been displayed in the royal apartments of the Palace of Versailles.