Route 77


Mixed Media

142.2 x 111.7 cm (56 x 44 in.)

With its title and the metal plate bearing the number 77 mounted in the lower part of the composition, this artwork refers explicitly to one of the United States' longest roads, which links Texas and Iowa. Apart from that, the various rectangular frames that intertwine and ‘spill over ’on each other do not pretend to depict anything, even less a road. With its splashes of white, the central frame, which is carefully demarcated compared with the others, seems to represent a moon-like landscape.

Testament to the experiments conducted since the end of the 1950s by American artist Llyn Foulkes, Route 77 plays with the notions of frame, medium, figuration and abstraction, and mixes them without any hierarchy.

Route 77 is part of a series of a dozen artworks by Llyn Foulkes held in the Pinault Collection and presented together in the group show À Triple tour (“triple locked”) at the Paris Conciergerie, in 2013.