210 x 70 x 20 cm (82 11/16 x 27 9/16 x 7 7/8 in.)

Taller than a human being, this crumpled, cut or torn paper sculpture leans against the wall like a relief. A puny ogre with an oversized head comes into view as the observer steps back.

The use of simple, everyday materials is a creative principle in his sculptures. Here he works with sheets of paper, not just by cutting or collage alone but using many methods, giving the work an eclectic, shredded appearance. Aware of space in his sculptures and installations, Friedman blends the monstrous figure into the white cube where it is displayed.

Ogre was presented for the first time by the Pinault Collection in 2009 during the major group show "Mapping the Studio" at the Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi in Venice.
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