Monsters and Stuff


Magazine collage

203.2 x 569 x 7.7 cm (80 x 224 x 3 1/16 in.)

Three monumental panels revisit a medieval triptych. A world of micro-images and thumbnails cut out from magazines, some figurative, some not, some whole, others hybrid or truncated, spread across the entire surface. They seem to obey the law of a joyful chaos, scattering every which way in constellations that are always unique.

Tom Friedman has a predilection for used or everyday materials, modifying them as he sees fit according to his teeming imagination in three- or two-dimensional works. Often populated by deformed beings with monstrous bodies. Monsters and Stuff is an example of this. He explains the choice of title as follows: "From a figurative point of view, ‘monsters’ represents the abnormality that remains open, while ‘and stuff’ conveys an insoluble conclusion."

Monsters and Stuff was presented for the first time by Pinault Collection at the major group show "Mapping the studio" (2009-2011) at the Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi in Venice.
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