No more reality (Twin Peaks) / Ou


No More Reality: acrylic painting on wooden panels mounted on battens reproducing an image of the end credits of the TV series "Twin Peaks" by David Lynch Ou: 16mm film and graphic palette transferred into digital Betacam

249 × 194 × 94 cm (98 1/16 × 76 3/8 × 37 in.) Ou. 1996: 6min.

The installation No More Reality (Twin Peaks)/Ou is directly inspired by filmmaker David Lynch's work, notably the Twin Peaks series whose singular storytelling juxtaposes several periods leading back to the origin of a murder. By placing the still image of a film—here the town sign—in the real world, Philippe Parreno invites viewers to taste a new time-space continuum.

This acrylic painting is in line with Philippe Parreno's questionings on the boundary between reality and fiction and the perception of time. It is part of the No More Reality ensemble, where several temporalities are at play.

Philippe Parreno's No More Reality (Twin Peaks)/Ou was first shown by the Pinault Collection in the exhibition The Passage of Time at the Tri Postal in Lille, in 2007-2008.