Transparent acrylic glass, fluorescent tubes

176.9 x 297.5 x 110.8 cm (69 5/8 x 117 1/8 x 43 5/8 in.)

Marquee is a monumental installation composed of several luminous signs of varied sizes and geometrical forms. The positioning of the light bulbs is reminiscent of the signs used in American movie theaters in the 1970s. Walking under the marquee, the viewer is dazzled by the variations in electric intensity, which go from soft glow to unbearable glare.

This installation by Philippe Parreno introduces the notion of time in the architecture of the museum institution. His approach is based on his interest for the digital, the flow of data and information, and the materiality of the virtual. Here, technology is embedded: the marquees' brightness is controlled via a control panel that is hidden away from the exhibition.

Philippe Parreno's sculpture Marquee (2013) was first shown by the Pinault Collection in the exhibition The Illusion of Light at Palazzo Grassi, in 2014.