Anywhere out of the world


Animation 3D


Anywhere Out of The World (2000) gives voice to Annlee. While telling her story, throughout the video she questions her fictional condition and the artificial nature of her existence. The work has gone through several iterations—it consists of a single sequence shot, framed around the figure of Annlee. This variant of the work doubles up its image, super-imposing the visuals of the first two versions. This strategy of portrayal makes the seriality of the work manifest and exposes it as a construction. The monologue recited by Annlee goes even further in this sense, revealing certain production details, such as the first name of the person who dubs her voice. By displaying herself as the result of a process of construction, Annlee asserts a position of externality to the world. Her image is only a distant reflection of it. Her speech ends with these words, taken from a poem by Baudelaire: “Anywhere! Anywhere! Out of the world!”