Far In


Placed in a glass bottle, a yellowed and dirty shoe seems to replace the usual message thrown into the sea. Created in 2007 for his first solo exhibition in the United States, the work Far In is part of a corpus of objects created by Richard Hughes and displayed for the occasion in the gallery. Stones, buckets of paintings, shoes, mattresses, planks. On closer inspection, his objects turn out to be casts, replicas of everyday objects cast in silicone by the artist himself.

At first glance disparate and incongruous, Richard Hughes' selection of objects is on the contrary thoughtful and rich in meaning. Their transformation into silicone shows that it is not so much the object itself that is important but its ability to tell a story. Placed on a pedestal, Far In's bottle and shoe become a sculpture, a work of art, and offer themselves to the spectator so that they can interpret, each in their own way, the story that these objects contain.

Far In was presented for the first time by the Pinault Collection in 2009 during the exhibition "Mapping the Studio" at Palazzo Grassi.