Walks In Walks Out


HD video installation (color, stereo sound,
continuous play)
3 min.
Jointly owned by Pinault Collection and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Funding for the Philadelphia Museum of Art is made possible
through the generosity of many donors.

In this video, Nauman poses in front of his own multiple image, projected on the wall, then exits the frame. Behind the artist we see two rows of seven figures, showing Nauman walking in contrapposto. These projected figures appear separated from the actual ground, so that their pacing against a moving background does not seem to be leading anywhere.

Filmed on a mobile phone, initially with the aim of using his own body size to assess the dimensions of the projected image in real space, Nauman reflectively redoubles his own presence. Here, a simple, behind - the-scenes action is transformed into an artwork. The studio appears not only as the place for making art but also as a possible artwork.

In addition, by walking while in contrapposto, an extraneous physical activity that he performs despite his age, Nauman seems intent in subverting the traditional image of this canonical pose that, ever since Antiquity, has been associated with youth and corporeal vigor, charging the work with an unexpected emotional quality.