Untitled (Tsunami, Blue)


Gouache on Lanaquarelle paper collage torn and pasted on plywood

246 x 400 cm (96 7/8 x 157 1/2 in.)

Blue, green and white torn papers draw a wave pattern. Piotr Uklanski's work strikes with the sensation of speed and power it provides. We almost hear the crash of the waves and the sizzle of the foam, feel the force of the current. By its composition and its dynamism, Untitled (Tsunami, Blue) recalls the mythical Wave of Hokusai, the great master of Japanese printmaking.

This work is one of the collages of gouache wallpaper initiated by the artist in 2000. Uklanski brings together vibrant colors evoking the ingenuity of children's imagination and a worried reflection on the state of the world. Often the motif of an atomic mushroom or, here, a tsunami is sketched.

Untitled (Tsunami, Blue) was first shown by the Pinault Collection in 2006 at Palazzo Grassi during the "Post-Pop" exhibition.

  • Post-Pop

    Palazzo Grassi