Untitled (Dancing Nazis)


200 inkjet prints on paper, Plexiglas panels, colored lightbulbs, raised floor structure, audio equipment and computer-controlled sound system

Photograph (each): 44.45 x 31.75 cm (17 1/2 x 12 1/2 x 1/2 in.) Variable overall dimensions

Untitled (Dancing Nazis) is an impressive portrait gallery of 164 actors who have played Nazi generals and soldiers in American and European films from Fritz Lang’s Hangmen Also Die (1943) to the 21st century.

Polish artist Piotr Uklański constantly plays on the images’ ambiguity between history and fiction. With biting irony, he made a strange group portrait without specifying the original context, confusing viewers about what they see: an archival document, work of art or film still?

Acquired by the Pinault Collection, Untitled (Dancing Nazis) was first presented to the public during the 2009 group show "Mapping the Studio" at the Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana.