Sans Titre (M. François Pinault, Président du Groupe Artémis)


Photographic print, foam, frame

112 x 146 cm

"[…] Thinking about death means realizing that everything in this world is insignificant and derisory, even if everything is important." It is in these terms that the collector François Pinault refers to the work commissionned in 2003 to the Polish artist Piotr Uklanski.

The one who is sometimes called the "pirate" accepted an x-ray of his skull as the very subject of the work, developed on a photographic print over one and a half meters long. True Memento mori, this work is part of the production of Uklanski, photographer, sculptor, videographer whose irony and provocation are the common points of his production. By adding two crossed bones under the skull, the artist plays with the codes of representation of piracy and their meaning. More a hymn to life, rather than an idolatry of death, this pavilion meant "Since we are going to die, let us hasten to live and, above all, to live well".

Kept in the Pinault Collection, the work was presented for the first time in 2006-2007 at Palazzo Grassi, during the "Post-Pop" exhibition