Painted bronze

246 x 244 x 125 cm (96 7/8 x 96 1/16 x 49 3/16 in.)

Disjointed skeletons, a sliced limb, a skull with a clown nose and pig ears swarm with worms and flies. They take place - hung, hanged, impaled - on a tree dominated by a crow. This vision of horror, exacerbated to the grotesque, is repugnant and fascinating.

Jake & Dinos Chapman like to shake the taboos of Western societies with their works and play with the collective unconscious of the public. Death and sex are privileged subjects. Master of black humor, the duo of British artists only shows explicit visions of death in the Sex series, of which the installation Sex III is a part. The Death series, meanwhile, only shows explicit sexual images.

Sex III was first shown by Pinault Collection in 2006 during the Post-Pop exhibition at Palazzo Grassi.

  • Post-Pop

    Palazzo Grassi