Grève mondiale


White neon

65 x 118 cm

A neon scrawl on the wall, in shaky, almost childlike writing: “Global Strike”. By reconciling the modesty of the materials and the ambition of the project, Adel Abdessemed gives this luminous plea a gentle irony as well as great hope.

An eclectic artist making use of all media, Adel Abdessemed has developed a unique way of working with neon. He likes to take everyday signs and present them with humour. We can see examples of this in the works Exil (Exile) (1996), where the word is written in the style of an emergency exit sign, and No Smoking (2012) featuring two cigarettes attached to the light tube. The work Grève mondiale (Global Strike), is more in line with political slogans from the May 68 era.

Grève mondiale by Adel Abdessemed was first shown by the Pinault Collection in 2011 at the "Eloge du Doute" (“In Praise of Doubt”) exhibition at the Punta della Dogana.