Giant Mask (Cave)


Tuf-cal, hemp, iron rebar, redwood

180.3 x 142.2 x 99.1 cm (71 x 56 x 39 in.)

Thomas Houseago enjoys looking at the faces of historic statues and is influenced by African sculpture. He is interested in the styles of masks from various cultures.

He began by creating heads, faces and masks with the idea that they would become part of a larger project. During the design stage, if a mask seems to tell a clear story, the artist decides to present it as is. It thus becomes a stand-alone work. The tribal aspect of Giant Mask echoes Pablo Picasso.

First presented in 2018 at the "Debout !" ("Stand Up!") show at the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes, Giant Mask (Cave) is striking for its expressiveness and monumentality.
  • Debout !

    Couvent des Jacobins