Reinforced fiberglass, titanium dioxide paint, LED lights, high intensity fluorescent lights, black UV fluorescent lights, quartz halogen lights, LEP lights (TBD), DMX control.

1201.6 x 1201.6 x 746.7 cm (473 1/16 x 473 1/16 x 294 in.)

D-N SF 12 PG VI 14 is an in situ installation in the Palazzo Grassi's atrium in which viewers experiment a fuzzy environment through an ubiquitous, variable light and a soft floor coating that sags when they walk on it. In the absence of any external indicator, visitors grasp this environment through they physical experience: their footsteps replace meters, and their breathing, seconds.

The installation's characteristics formally quote Wolfgang Metzger's “Ganzfeld Protocol” (1930). Metzger studied the neurological activity of a subject when projected in a homogeneous, undifferentiated space, such as a snowy landscape. Developed at the same time as anechoic chambers, this concept is used by the Minimalists, such as Doug Wheeler, in their artistic work.

D-N SF 12 PG VI 14 was installed in the Palazzo Grassi's atrium in 2014 for the exhibition The Illusion of Light.