A chaque stencil une révolution, 4 (For each stencil a revolution)


Carbon paper A4, glue, methylene alcohol (installation for 4 walls)

Variable dimensions

An installation composed of sheets of paper covered in ink, À chaque stencil une révolution covers the walls and overflows on the floor on which ink has dripped. It is the fruit of an act of collection: in each of her trips, Latifa Echakhch has collected carbon paper, in this case of the Pelikan 200H type. According to the way it's been cut and its pattern, the paper absorbs ink differently. As in Fantôme (Jasmin), this artwork releases a scent that grabs the viewer's attention before they even look at it.

Latifa Echakhch documented the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over a year. On this occasion, she took interest in 1960s flyers, their graphic design, slogans and the medium itself, which was meant to be quickly and efficiently distributed. The title is a reference to a quote by Yasser Arafat, “For each stencil a revolution”. In light of the whole body of work , her art is rooted in the different forms of protest. She restores ‘suspended moments’ that coexist with moments of chaos.

Latifa Echakhch's À chaque stencil une révolution was first shown by the Pinault Collection in the exhibition The Illusion of Light at Palazzo Grassi, in 2014.

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