Palazzo Grassi

Curated by
Francesco Bonami

Considered one of the largest exhibitions ever organized devoted to contemporary Italian art, "Italics" presented more than 250 works produced over a period of forty years by more than one hundred artists, including Gilberto Zorio, Alighiero Boetti, or Mario Merz. From the architectural space presented in Kassel in 1968 by Lucio Fontana to the last generations of artists composed of Maurizio Cattelan or others more emerging like Enrico David, the exhibition set out in search of the "Italian syndrome". Its layout emphasized the continuous crossings of references and analyzed the many paths taken by the different artists.

By presenting Italian art as a continuous flow where the artists constantly brought up the past, rather than dividing the exhibition through its movements and its groups in a distinct way, "Italics" was a daring attempt, sometimes provocative, to demonstrate how much Italian art is more than what has been shown to the public in recent decades.