Vedo (la decifrazione del mio campo visivo)


Crayon on canvas

Overall dimensions: 240 × 390 × 10 cm (94 1/2 × 153 9/16 × 3 15/16 in.)

Four untouched canvases compose an impressive polyptych. Untouched, really? At closer look, the neutral surface reveals numerous small pencil traces. These irregular speckles form an imperceptible grid, a discreet rhythm in the space of the canvas and of the gaze.

Giulio Paolini's first artwork, Disegno geometrico (1960), was a simple grid pattern drawn on a white canvas. With this gesture, the Italian artist revealed the elements that constitute a painting, making of the preparatory work the creation itself. Vedo (La Decifrazione del mio campo visivo), which translates into “I see (The deciphering of my visual field)”, is part of a large series of installations that question our perception of space and art. Here, Paoloni plays with the codes of creation by placing the invisible (or the barely visible, as these pencil traces) at the heart of the artwork.

This artwork was first presented by the Pinault Collection in the exhibition Italics at Palazzo Grassi in Venice, in 2007.