Delfo II


Dye sublimation metal print

Photograph: 180 × 95 cm (70 7/8 × 37 3/8 in.) Overall dimensions (with display case): 193.2 × 108.2 × 6.9 cm (76 1/16 × 42 5/8 × 2 11/16 in.)

"I am wearing a long white tunic and holding Averroè [Paolini's 1967 work] in my right hand. In my left I have a bust of Sapho, which is superimposed on and erases my gaze [...] I have an ecstatic look on my fact [...] A work of mine from 1965, a white staircase with an infinite vanishing point, is in the background behind me."

This is how in 1969 artist Giulio Paolini described his work Delfo II, whose symbolic, ethereal dimension recalls Giorgio de Chirico’s metaphysical paintings. In this life-size work, he staged his own disappearance. A classical marble with immortal features replaces his face. His personal preoccupations are also apparent, starting with the relationship between him and his work and the perceptive illusion, here mixing drawing, painting and photographic realism.

Giulio Paolini's Delfo II was first exhibited by the Pinault Collection at the 2018 "Dancing with Myself" show at the Punta della Dogana in Venice.