Untitled (Light bulb)


Incandescent light bulb with black cord, stainless steel base with tiles, mineral oil, pump system, light dimmer system

Variable dimensions

The installation Untitled (Light bulb) features a switched on light bulb from which water is dripping. It does so relentlessly as if the ‘line’ of water were intended to match that of the electric cable. Visitors can hear the sound of the water dripping, as if light were materialized.

A pioneer of performance and multimedia installations, Robert Whitman's work can be situated at the intersection between research, engineering and multidisciplinary artistic production. Similarly to Robert Rauschenberg's Combines, the artist born in 1935 took interest in the spatial and narrative dimensions of objects when concepts and mediums are juxtaposed. Untitled (Light bulb) demonstrates the poetical character of objects when creating means combining and thus questioning the relation between a work of art and time.

Untitled (Light bulb) was first shown by the Pinault Collection in the exhibition The Illusion of Light at Palazzo Grassi, in 2014.