Untitled (7 Days of Bloodworks)


"Untitled" (7 Days of Bloodworks) is the record of the effects of the progression of the AIDS virus in the blood over a period of one week. As a metaphorical representation of this blood, a curtain of plastic beads is stretched from one edge of the exhibition hall to the other, with red and white beads evoking red and white blood cells respectively. The perception of this work, combining abstract and autobiographical, intimate and political, requires the physical participation of the visitor, who is invited to pass through it in the literal sense of the word. In doing so, he performs a kind of ceremony of sharing and empathy, light and serious, tragic and gentle. 

The work of Felix Gonzales-Torres do not attack the eyes or the feelings; everything is implicit, discreet and fluid. His art is based on the simple power of evocation, transforming the most common objects into instruments of poetry. He died of AIDS at the age of 39.

"Untitled" (7 Days of Bloodworks) was first shown by Pinault Collection in 2006 during the exhibition "Where Are We Going?" at Palazzo Grassi.