Mixed media sculpture with car windshield, steel pole

383.5 x 106.7 x 52.1 cm (151 x 42 x 20 1/2 in.)

A rusty basket salvaged from a basketball court that may itself be gone, perhaps replaced by a building, has ended up in a museum. But on closer inspection, this first impression is dissipated. Untitled reveals its fake, humble character: a steel pole supports a basket made up of a car windscreen and a simple metal clamp.

Made from juxtaposing trash picked up on the street, Untitled rethinks the stakes of basketball in the United States by considering the insignificant object that has become significant. A recurring theme in Hammons' work since the early 1980s, the basketball basket also takes on luxuriously ironic forms, as in Basketball Chandelier, made in 2000.

A critical commentary on the dashed sporting hopes of African-American youth, Hammons' sculpture Untitled is in the Pinault Collection. It was first exhibited during the "Sequence 1" show at the Palazzo Grassi in 2007.