White polystyrene sheets, glue, white tape

105.5 x 99.5 x 99.5 cm (41 9/16 x 39 3/16 x 39 3/16 in.)

This streamlined installation by Henrik Olesen at first sight reflects the codes of minimalism: a certain austerity comes from its cubic shape and monochrome appearance. However, it soon appears that the codes here are subverted. The simple, essential materials of minimalist art – like steel or copper – are replaced by polystyrene, roughly arranged with pieces of adhesive tape.

Olesen’s conceptual work develops on the basis of in-depth explorations in art history, sciences, social and political issues related to homosexuality. Untitled perfectly exemplifies a work pervaded with mockery that incidentally tries to parody several iconic works of minimalist art.

The installation Untitled by Henrik Olesen is part of the Pinault Collection. It was first shown at the 2016 “Accrochage” (“Hanging”) exhibition at the Punta della Dogana.
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