State Trooper


Mixed pigment on cotton

205.7 x 144.8 cm (81 x 57 in.) (each) Over dimensions (work installed): 205.7 x 579.1 cm (81 x 228 in.)

State Trooper as well as Mark’s Camera and Criminal were presented in the artist's solo show at Friedrich Petzel gallery in New York, in 2013. Troy Brauntuch represents in a widescreen format a patrol police officer as he gets out of his car. The scene is treated with dark hues and a dim light, effects that the painter typically uses in his practice.

The format is akin to CinemaScope, a recording and broadcasting 2.39:1 format. Its technical principle, anamorphosis, was used when shooting on location in order to create the appearance of relief in images of the United States Great Plains. The police officer, a figure that echoes that of the cowboy, is calling upon the viewer. Indeed, the “State Trooper” is heading towards us for a police control.

State Trooper was first shown by the Pinault Collection in the exhibition The Illusion of Light at Palazzo Grassi, in 2014.
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