Service continue


Photocollage, plastiline, wood

280 x 207 x 13 cm (110 1/4 x 81 1/2 x 5 1/8 in.)

Service Continu (“Continuous Service”) immerses viewers into the intimacy of a weird brothel with abstract volumes where all of the many employees seem to have various deformities, starting with the four figures in the foreground and their disproportionately long, thin legs.

Unlike their compatriots the Viennese Actionists, who use violence as a liberating outlet, the Gelitin group’s members derisively celebrate the triumph of the body and carnal pleasure in their works. Their installations, happenings and huge, two-dimensional, absurd collages worthy of Dadaism express a biting lust for life.

Service continu was presented for the first time in 2009 by the Pinault Collection at the major group exhibition "Mapping the Studio" at the Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi in Venice.