Sacrificial Heart


Fiberglass, painted aluminium, stainless steel, reflector caps, lamps, holder, electronic sequencers

307.3 x 195.6 x 127 cm (121 x 77 x 50 in.)

Sacrificial Heart is an assemblage of fibreglass, painted aluminium, stainless steel, lamps and electrical sequencers mounted on a support in the form of a lamp. Artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster made the sculpture, in the shape of a heart encircled by an octopus tentacle and pierced by a sword, in 2007.

Noble and Webster are interested in consumer society’s inherent narcissism. Drawing their inspiration from pop culture, they create brilliant, visually striking objects, of which Sacrificial Heart is an emblematic example. Associating the Christian symbol of the sacred heart with the iconographic world of tattooing, they had fun creating a work that causes violently contradictory reactions.

Sacrificial Heart, a sculpture by Tim Noble and Sue Webster in the Pinault Collection, was presented during the 2009 exhibition "Un certain état du monde ?" (“A Certain State of the World?”) at the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow.
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