Film 16mm

12min. 55sec.

Two screens play a striking score. The first shows men moving around in a fortress, the second women in chadors walking in the desert. Set to Sussan Deyhim’s music, they look at a liberating horizon, the sea representing a conquest of freedom. Trapped by the symbols of their power, the men remain prisoners of a masculinity in crisis.

Shirin Neshat’s installation Rapture highlights stark, simple contrasts, such as that between the women”s black chadors and the men’s white tunics. Using opposites and symmetry, the Iranian artist plays on the chord of myth while inducing contemplation with long tracking shots. The universality of the struggle against oppression is made all the more poetic.

Neshat's Rapture was first presented by the Pinault Collection at the 2008 “Passage du Temps” (“Passage of Time”) show at the Tri Postal in Lille.