Paris Bar


Oil on canvas

259 × 360 cm (101 15/16 × 141 3/4 in.)

Martin Kippenberger's Paris Bar is a monumental painting of a Parisian brasserie. This immersion is coupled with a playful mise en abyme: a painting of a room with the same chairs and napkins, on the wall of which pictures hang, is on the wall. An accumulation of objects, superimposition of meanings and spirit of derision characterise this "over-the-sofa" painting (a term used by the artist himself).

Kippenberger, the self-proclaimed "best second-class painter", has produced a heterogeneous, abundant body of work. Paris Bar is part of an approach in which bold creations and references go hand in hand. The German artist even quotes or adapts his own works. This painting was created in 1993 following the Centre Pompidou's request to exhibit a 1991 version.

Paris Bar was shown by the collection for the first time during the 2009 "Mapping the Studio" exhibition at the Palazzo Grassi.